How a group of women in Kawai is helping marginal dairy farmers

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In March 2022, the Adani Foundation set up the Hadoti Pragatisheel Producer Company Ltd. in the Kawai village of Rajasthan to facilitate the sale of surplus milk. It all started in 2017 when we instituted the cattle breed improvement project for enhanced dairy production in the region. After its success, a common interest group consisting of 20–30 women was formed. During meetings, they sought market linkage support to sell surplus milk. A survey was carried out, and we connected with Saras Dairy, Ujalaa Dairy, Kota Dairy, and the district authority for market linkages. This led to the formation of the farmer-producer company, which involved 241 women shareholders. Today, small and marginalised dairy farmers regularly benefit from the daily collection and sale of 350+ litres of surplus milk and a monthly turnover of over Rs 5 lakh.